What services do we provide and who receives them?

(South East Helping Hands Area located inside Red border)

SEHH Service Map (Red Area)

On average,  400 bags of food are given to families each month. Over 1000 people are served each month and approximately 48% are children. Besides Steinbach, we serve over 25 other small communities in the south east.

How are we supported?


We are not government funded. We rely on the generosity of our community to run our food bank through:

  • food donations
  • cash donations
  • volunteers

We have three food drives a year:

  • FCC Food Drive including, “Bring a Tin for the Bin” – Which takes place during the “Pioneer Days” parade.
  • Steinbach and area “Youth” food drive. Many of the local churches
    participate in this event.
  • Community Christmas Drive


How can you participate?

Most grocery stores have a bin for you to put your donations into.

We accept fresh produce or perishable food if it can be brought to us on Food Bank days or give us a call to make arrangements.

Cash donations are also accepted.

Where are we located and when do we operate?

We are located at 525 Main St in Steinbach

Our Food Bank days are every other Wednesday from 2:00-5:30 p.m.

Clients are required to register the first time they come in to see us. We ask that they bring their Manitoba Medical Card with them. We will ask them a few questions that will help us serve them better.  More info. may be requested.